Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home in Details...

Another in the weird collage series. I don't know what this one means. I started with the bottom of the "home" wanting to dangle various items from it. And all the rest is just play and play and play until I got some harmony that felt sort of done. Words have been hard to come by lately. Well, coherent words anyway. So I won't even attempt words for this entry. Enjoy the heART.


  1. I haven't visited in a while, but I love what I'm seeing. Do you really think your colleges are "weird"? I think they're awesome!

    1. Thanks, Regina!! How are you?? I guess maybe I'm aiming for weird or they feel outside my zone edge a little so they feel weird. I've been pinning what strikes me as "weird" eye over at: as an inspiration board -- kind of what I'd love to be aiming for with my stuff. I'm not there... but practicing... Anyway! :) Thank you for thinking they are awesome! Biggest <3 to you!


The platform is all yours :)

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